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Bálint Tóth; Benedek Valkó
Superdiffusive bounds on self-repellent precesses in $d=2$ — extended abstract
Actes des rencontres du CIRM, 2 no. 1: Excess Self-Intersections & Related Topics (2010), p. 39-41, doi: 10.5802/acirm.23
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Résumé - Abstract

We prove superdiffusivity with multiplicative logarithmic corrections for a class of models of random walks and diffusions with long memory. The family of models includes the “true” (or “myopic”) self-avoiding random walk, self-repelling Durrett-Rogers polymer model and diffusion in the curl-field of (mollified) massless free Gaussian field in 2D. We adapt methods developed in the context of bulk diffusion of ASEP by Landim-Quastel-Salmhofer-Yau (2004).


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