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Actes des rencontres du CIRM Volume 3, number 1 (2013)

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Discrete curvature: Theory and applications
Organizers: Laurent Najman and Pascal Romon

Laurent Najman; Pascal Romon
p. 1-2 Details
Xiang Sun; Jean-Marie Morvan
Curvature measures, normal cycles and asymptotic cones
p. 3-10 Details
Joseph H.G. Fu
Piecewise linear approximation of smooth functions of two variables
p. 11-16 Details
Xue-Cheng Tai
Fast numerical schemes related to curvature minimization: a brief and elementary review
p. 17-30 Details
Alexandra Bac; Jean-Luc Mari; Dimitri Kudelski; Nam-Van Tran; Sophie Viseur; Marc Daniel
Application of discrete curvatures to surface mesh simplification and feature line extraction
p. 31-49 Details
Carl Olsson; Yuri Boykov
Tangential Approximation of Surfaces
p. 51-60 Details
Matthias Keller
An overview of curvature bounds and spectral theory of planar tessellations
p. 61-68 Details
Frank Bauer; Bobo Hua; Jürgen Jost; Shiping Liu
Generalized Ricci curvature and the geometry of graphs
p. 69-78 Details
Pierre Alliez; Simon Giraudot; David Cohen-Steiner
Robust Shape Reconstruction and Optimal Transportation
p. 79-88 Details
Facundo Mémoli
The Gromov-Hausdorff distance: a brief tutorial on some of its quantitative aspects
p. 89-96 Details
Paul Baird
Curvature on a graph via its geometric spectrum
p. 97-105 Details
Daniel Cremers; Emanuele Rodolà; Thomas Windheuser
Relaxations for Minimizing Metric Distortion and Elastic Energies for 3D Shape Matching
p. 107-117 Details
Emil Saucan
Metric Ricci Curvature and Flow for PL Manifolds
p. 119-129 Details
Yonathan Aflalo; Anastasia Dubrovina; Ron Kimmel; Aaron Wetzler
Curvature in image and shape processing
p. 131-139 Details
Pooran Memari
Geometric Aspects of the Space of Triangulations
p. 141-150 Details
Ivan Izmestiev
Variational properties of the discrete Hilbert-Einstein functional
p. 151-157 Details
Alexander I. Bobenko; Felix Günther
Discrete complex analysis – the medial graph approach
p. 159-169 Details
Jacques-Olivier Lachaud
Multigrid-convergence of digital curvature estimators
p. 171-181 Details
Atsushi Imiya
Curvature and Flow in Digital Space
p. 183-194 Details
Yukiko Kenmochi; Phuc Ngo; Nicolas Passat; Hugues Talbot
Digital shapes, digital boundaries and rigid transformations: A topological discussion
p. 195-201 Details
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