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Actes des rencontres du CIRM Volume 1, number 1 (2009)

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Numeration: mathematics and computer science
Organizers: Boris Adamczewski, Anne Siegel and Wolfgang Steiner

Boris Adamczewski; Anne Siegel; Wolfgang Steiner
Présentation de la rencontre
p. 1-2 Details
Shigeki Akiyama
Finiteness and periodicity of beta expansions – number theoretical and dynamical open problems
p. 3-9 Details
Jason P. Bell
Cobham’s theorem and its extensions
p. 11-16 Details
Valérie Berthé
Discrete geometry and numeration
p. 17-22 Details
Emilie Charlier; Tomi Kärki; Michel Rigo
A Characterization of Multidimensional $S$-Automatic Sequences
p. 23-28 Details
Alina Firicel
Subword complexity and finite characteristic numbers
p. 29-34 Details
Alexandr Kazda; Petr Kùrka
Representing real numbers in Möbius number systems
p. 35-39 Details
Maki Furukado; Shunji Ito
Complex Pisot Numeration Systems
p. 41-48 Details
Makoto Mori
On random numbers generated by Dynamical systems
p. 49-53 Details
Tanguy Rivoal
On the binary expansion of irrational algebraic numbers
p. 55-60 Details
Thomas A. Schmidt
Rosen fractions and Veech groups, an overly brief introduction
p. 61-67 Details
Bernd Sing
p. 69-74 Details
Christiaan van de Woestijne
The structure of abelian groups supporting a number system (extended abstract)
p. 75-79 Details
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